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Friday, September 08, 2006

Craft and Cats

There are few times when my cat, Pluto, takes an interest in what I am doing. It is only when what I am doing is interesting and engrossing that she decides she wants to play human.

Yesterday I acquired a few more vintage craft stuff for the ever growing collection, and half way through organising it, Pluto comes and plants her bum on whatever I am doing.

In other news, I cast on 215 stitches yesterday for my singlet, the most I have ever done before. I use the Long Tail cast on, and I think in future if I have to cast on large numbers this way I will tie two balls together. That way there is no chance of running out, and the ends can just be knitted in. Progress pics will come soon, but there isn't a whole lot to show at the moment.

Weekend tomorrow, YES!


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