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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Failure with Bling

Today I had a lot of fun, we went to an open day at a local craft centre and I was able to try out a working spinning wheel. It is so much simpler than a drop spindle and is so fast! I am going to be sending my wheel for a complete repair and service, because while I was planning on fixing it up myself there is no way that I know enough to make it work the best it could.

So, here is my lump of first wheel spun

I also started another knitting project. I was planning on waiting until after I had finished my singlet top, but it has been a frought couple of days and I have developed the habit of biting my thumb nail, and now I don't have anything to help me move around the cables when I am doing them. This has resulted in a pretty cramped thumb, so I have stopped the singlet top and cast on some gloves:

That is pretty much it as far as crafting goes, but I did get some really wonderful things at a garage sale this afternoon. First, a Stratton compact with scalloped edges and a lots of diamantes in different shapes on the lid.Also, a gold Oroton glomesh evening bag

and the most exciting bit about it is that in the inner pocket, it still has the original Oroton mirror that came with the bag. It's missing all of the (few) that I have seen, and the ones that I cruised on ebay.

All this for the low, low price of Au$4. The lady said that she was selling some of her stuff, but also her mother in laws. We went really late in teh day when most had gone, so if this was the dregs I wish I could have been there earlier. I think her mother in law seems pretty cool.


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