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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fetching and Mohair

I finished blocking Branching out, and I am really happy with how the lace came out. While I am not sure if it is as efficient as crocheting lace, it gives a nice, different look, so maybe I shouldn't be comparing them.

Size: 57" X 5.5" (29 pattern repeats)
Needle Size: 5.5 mm
Material: Two different shades of un-labelled blue mohair, about 4oz (just under 100g)
In the picture above, you can just see where I moved from one colour to another. It isn't too noticeable, and the same shade is used at either end, with the other in the middle.

The yarn is from a mixed bag I bought for Au$5 at a market, and before I started this I seperated all the wool of the same shades and put them in a safe place. Unfortunately, I forgot about them, and it wasn't until after I had swapped yarn and gotten to about 20 repeats that I found them again (in my needle roll, incidentally). I just swapped back when the ball I was using ran out, and did the same number of repeats that I had initially used to make it even. If anyone now asks, I will just call it a design feature.

With the yarn from the same bag, I had enough to make the Cold Shoulders capelet from the Happy Hooker, though I changed it so that it had a button closure instead of a tie. (Thats the button and the back)

And I still have two balls left.

I was also planning on starting a summer knit yesterday after I finished Branching Out, but instead I caved to finishing off the left overs from doing Knitty's Fetching.

The scarflette is just stockinette with a garter stitch border, and is long enough to go around your neck like a little collar. It also includes my first buttonholes, which I am not sure I did correctly (cast off, then increase next row using the loop method) but they are functional.

The buttons are much bluer than they look in the picture, but they tie the gloves and scarflette together. I crocheted an edging, but I'm not sure if I like it that much, so I haven't woven in the ends or done the other glove.
The needles are around 6mm for the scarflette, and were 3.75mm for the gloves. Both are probably going to be gifted.

I'm a bit bummed at the moment, as I'm trying to avoid doing any more crocheting as my wrist needs a break from that particular movement, but knitting is so much slower, and I'm an instant gratification type girl. I only have two other WIP, an evening blouse for a school dance that I can't do any more on until I pick up some trim, and an embroidery sampler that I am bored with.
I have a few more bits that need to be filled in with a fairly dense filling stitch, but I can't stand satin stitch, and I am worried about over using some other fillers. It's currently my TV project, but I can't work on it too long as my eyes go all strainy on me. Meh, I am just hoping inspiration comes to me.


Blogger Suzy said...

Hi Hannah, your Branching out HAS turned out beautiful!!! There's already a whiff of autumn in the air over here, and it looks like just the project to be starting on now... (I might do one for my toddler, so it wouldn't have to be that long ;))
Don't you find knitting lace kind of addictive? Happy spring to you.

5:20 PM  

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