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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Flowers and Rain

It has been feeling really Spring-ee for the last couple of days, and I've been wanting to do some flower pressing in preparation for next years 18th B-day swamp, when there will be lots of people needing gifts. I figure pressed flower cards are a bit middle of the road, kinda; I like you enough to put the effort into making a pretty card for you, but we're not necessarily chummy enough for something larger. Is that bad of me?

Anyway, there will be more flowers later in the season, especially natives like wattle, but these are a start.

I also progressed a bit on the embroidery sampler, just dregs need to be done now.

The fly and Tete de Boeuf stitchs are a little bit whacked, but they are my first ones so I am ok with thay. They were pretty fun to do, especially the Tete de Boeuf, I might look at doing it as a border stitch if I ever need one.

I also started doing some experimenting with using cables and ribbing as shaping for a summer knit I wan't to do. I initally bought it to do Blissful from the Happy Hooker, but I decided that as much as I would like to be brave enough to wear a top like that, it wasn't really up my avenue. Instead I'm (hopefully) going to design and knit a cami style singlet out of the cotton I bought.

At the moment it is looking like it will be knit in the round, with a 4k2p rib, moving down to 4k1p and cables to shape the waist, and then expanding up again. It'll be my first knitted garment other than hats and gloves, so I'm hoping it will go well.

One of my friends is having a birthday in a little over a month, and I thought I would get started early. She is an absolutely incredible artist, and she is always doodling little things in class. I oh so subtely (*cough*) knicked one under the premise that I needed paper, and I rendered it in embroidery:It was a lot of fun to do, using my two fav stitchs; chain and stem. I am leaning toward doing a few more, framing them, and giving them to her as a set that can be displayed in different ways. I'm worried that it will be too kitschy.

The rain part of the title comes from this; we are in the middle of one of the longest droughts in Australian recorded history, and whenever it rains it tends to miss the catchment areas. Yesterday evening it started drizzling a bit, and it stormed all last night and is still raining now. The creek in our backyard is flowing again, and the swimming pool is full. Typically though, Warragamba Dam (the catchment area for Sydney) seems to have been missed.

Though we weren't really effected there was lots of chaos around, roads flooded, public transport delayed (nothing new though), and though it all my kitty Pluto sleeps.



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