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Monday, September 11, 2006

More Booties

I have been on a bootie kick for the last couple of days; they work up really quickly, and yet you still get satisfaction from finishing them.

I finished off the pair of pink booties that I showed last post, and did a matching bonnet for them.At their longest part they are a bit under 4" long, and are a pastel pink rather then the cream shown here.

I also did a pair in left over cotton from a tatted bookmark, and while there was enough for some very small booties (done on 2.5mm hook) there isn't enough for a bonnet.
The truest colour is the last.

I also just started a yellow pair, using the same pattern.

I absolutely adore the structure of this pattern; first the sole is made in rounds, then walls built up, and then the instep is made by working short rows, and slip stitching onto the main body. It is a lot simpler than I have seen them done before on internet patterns.

I also adore the lace pattern that they say to use, though of course it could be changed to whatever. It is worked on the picture from the right to the left, but looks quite similiar to one worked bottom to top. It is really simple, and I love it.

There has been a little more progress on the red singlet, but the cable rows are taking forever. I am currently doing about 30 cables in a round, but when this goes up to a full 43, I hope I retain the will to go on. I am doing a cable round every second row.

When I was watching TV yesterday I needed a break from little hooks/needles, so I did a little work bag that I can stick into my school bag to carry whatever projects I am working on. The white part is a shredded pillowcase, done on a 6mm hook, while the colourful bit at the top was done using on a 10mm. The top rolls down and two ties then hold it down. It worked during a test run today.


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