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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Acquisitions

It has been a pretty exciting couple of days for me; I have been getting my exam results back and did well (except for Maths), but more importantly I got a spinning wheel.

I'm assuming that the story behind it is that for some period a few decades ago spining was taught at my school, but when it was taken of the curriculum there was just a load of spinning wheels sitting around gathering dust. There are maybe 5 kicking around, and the one that I now have was the best of the lot, though it still needs a good clean and a few repairs.

This is a full view of it, and you can see where it was just packed up with roving still attatched and some newbie spun wool. Just behind the roving is a brown ball that is just kind of dangling there, which I need to work out the purpose for. What I love about it is the gentle curve of the right leg.

The main problems are that the leather that connected the treadle to the wheel has rotted away, and there is a lot of rust on all of the metal bits. The hooks in the right picture are pretty rusted, but they are similiar to curtain hooks so they should not be difficult to replace.

I also finished the pair of yellow booties last seen here and solo and made a matching bonnet for them. I am not bored of this pattern yet, but I can kind of see it coming soon.

A couple of days ago a friend told me that her mum was throwing out some wool, and had asked if I wanted it. I didn't know what to expect, because in Australia "wool" generally means yarn used for hand knitting, but when she gave me a huge bag stuffed full I couldn't have been more thrilled. Inside was about 90% pure Australian Patons or Cleckheaton Wool with some boucle of indeterminate fiber content, and a few balls of Patons Feathers. Apparently her mum went through a knitting phase, bit I have to say that many people who go through a "phase" display worse taste in fiber content and quality. Thanks Erin's Mum :).

When I first saw these two sets of colours together, I thought the boucle for the cuffs, and the crepe yarn for the body. I just need to finish a certain other knitting project before I start swatching...

Onto the other project:

Last seen it was only large enough to be compared to little safety scissors, but I included my shears this time because I couldn't find the other scissors. I have almost reached the point where I will need to have every knit stitch cabled. The rounds are going much faster now that I am used to the pattern, but this is still probably going to be my longest project so far.

I was also just experimenting last night, and I found a pretty cool way of creating dangly bits when crocheting ir knitting, as an alternative to chains or a row of sc.

First, cut a length of yarn much longer than the intended length. I don't have any numbers yet, but I am going to try and work it out later.

Find the middle, and make a slip know here-ish.

Tension one of the lengths like you normally would, and make a chain with it.

Then, with the other yarn being tensioned by your thumb, make a chain with that.
Just keep alternating between the two yarns until the length is as long as it is needed.

This shows the structure of the final result, and it is pretty obvious that I am still having tension issues. Hopefully this will even out over time.

As an aside, was letting Pluto out, and her brother (Don) in, when I noticed they were creating this cool shadow thing. They were in exactly the same pose, both looking at me. Unfortunately, Pluto looked away before I snapped the pic.


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