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Saturday, September 09, 2006


I have done a good two inches of my singlet, and it is going to be taking me ages...hopefully when I go back to school next week I will have more opportunity to work on it than I do at the moment. It is my first time using one circular needle, and I find that it takes longer for my wrists to get tired, maybe something to do with the centralised weight. It's also a lot more convenient when shoving it in my bag, as it takes up a lot less room.

My vintage patterns (except my sewing ones) have now been organised, and de-staple-atised. I like to get the staples out because they rust onto the paper, discolouring it, and many of my booklets have been ripped by the staples. I adore looking at what I have, but I feel a bit guilty that that there is no way I am going to be able to make my way through all of them. I am comforted a little that they are organised by age group and type, rather than chronologically.

I was putting away one of my new ones, and I noticed this:
Someone didn't like the kid.

From the same layette pattern as what the baby is wearing, I started some baby booties for Wee Care, shown here before the lace leg part was done:

I failed in my attempt to not start any more crochet projects, but they are so small they hardle count. *Cough*

I haven't done any more embroidery, but I hope to get my UFO's done soon so I can start a skirt with a smocked waistband for summer.


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