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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Running Out!

Most of my crafting the last few days has been focused on finishing the orange pair of gloves, which my mum has claimed.

The first one is done, but I will not finish the second with the remaining wool;
That little scrappy pile at the top. It was one of the balls I got with the big lot of wools when Erins mum was clearing her stash.

So, instead I will be using a contrasting yarn my mum has chosen. In her words, something bright and fun.
I will finish off the cuff, then go back, rip out what I have done of the hand, and re-do it in the inaccurately captured greeny colour. I will then crochet an edging in orange around the fingers, and then an edging in the green colour around the orange pairl. We will see if it works...

I have really been enjoying knitting the gloves, and I am imagining another pair already. The yarn I am using for the cuffs is really beastly though, I feel like I am wrestling with rope. My poor wrists!


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