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Sunday, October 01, 2006



I can't believe that it has been so long since I updated, but I have the valid excuse of spending all my time at school. Lame, but valid.

Last friday was my semi formal, and I was in a mad dash to finish off a blouse to wear over a cami. It was so hot that I shed the blouse soon after we got there, and the actual semi kind of sucked. I am glad I went though, because we took a beautiful ferry ride into the city at dusk, and we saw the city liight up.

I then spent the weekend up until tuesday afternoon working on a lunch that the students put on for the leaving grade. There were a few of us on the costume committee, and over the course of those days many can-can skirts, chair sashes, and other costumes passed through my poor fingers. I loved using the school sergers (overlockers), but I was sneezing black fluff for a few days afterward.

I also finished my mums gloves, and I will try and get them to take a picture. I loved doing gloves so much that I started another pair, and one is done with the other about 1/4 done. I think gloves appeal to me because I have such a limited attention span; no part takes more than a few rounds before something changes. I love the candy colours of these, though the picture doesn't show on them. This one has been finished now.

Every few months I go through my fabrci stash, and anything that is too small to be made into anything but too large to get tossed is cut into squares 24cm X 24cm. Last time I counted I had over 200. This is them stacked into colour groups. I have started piecing the squares into blocks of nine, which will eventually be turned into a sampler quilt, where I plan on practicing my stitches and patterns before doing a wholecloth quilt (or two). Whole cloth quilts appeal to me much more than patchwork does, and I foresee opportunities to make some and gift them next year for 18th's. A lot of work though...

I also acquired a few more vintage craft booklets, including a crochet edging book from 1931. I am pretty excited about these, as most of my collection in knitted stuff. I have already made a bonnet from the coverless book, and am working on a matching pair of booties.

Yesterday I went to Tessuti (home page isn't working for me, sorry) which is a designer fabric store, and while there is no way I can afford anything off the bolt, I did pick up two remnants. Here they are in their flash-washed out glory. The seizure enducing one on the left is for a birthday present for a friend; she asked my to take in her shortie dungarees that are far to large for her, and while I will do that, I'll also be attempting to copy them. The fabric is loud, but very her. The stripey one on the right is for some shorts for me. I really want to wear shorts, but I can never find any that fit right, so I am going to try making some.

The patterned one was $21 (from $42) for 1.5 m, and this is the tag for the stipes. I saw the $3.75 nabbed it, remnants for cheap! When I got to the counter the lady said it was the wrong price, and far too cheap, and that the actual price was $8.25 (for 75cm). I am hating myself a bit at the moment, because I didn't even have the guts to say "nu-uh, says $3.75, I should have it for that price" just nodded away. Bummer. The last time I felt like this was before I started making my own clothes. Ah well, I guess 8 bucks is still kinda cheap.


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