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Friday, October 06, 2006


The thickness of my spinning is even-ing out a bit. Yesterday evening it was a bit frustrating, because I would sit down to spin, and then I couldn't do it and got areas of smoothness and standard thickness, and then it would all go slubby on me. Practice is making everything much better.
Yesterday evening I finished the hat from Seija set, and I hope my hairdresser likes it.
Given my lack of knowledge of baby heads, I hope that it is the right size.
It is worked with two strands of Aunt Lydia's Caress Microfiber in blue and yellow held together, and a 4.50mm hook. The yarn I got from $1.50 at spotlight on sale.

I also started a ripple scarf for Erin out of the yarn she gave me using this pattern, and I feel like a bit of an idiot, because my edges aren't staying even. I have done 8 rows so far, so I should hopefully get a feel for the pattern soon.

I also started a green summer dress, because I now have access back downstairs. It is still really dusty though, but tomorrow should be cleaner. I haven't done the darts of my wrap dress, but I am promising my self that it will be done tomorrow!


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