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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Flea Market!

Today was really good. My dad and I were originally going to hit a couple of fete's that we had seen advertised earlier this week, but about halfway there, there was a sign for a flea market. I hadn't expected there to be so much stuff!

A couple of craft books:

A petrified wood brooch.

30 zippers (what? They were cheap.):A silk scarf, irish linen hanky, purse frame, and lingerie bag. I am probably going to use the lingerie bag for felting.

In the fabric area I was picking through some patterns, and the lady at the stall said she would give the box to me for $5. Obviously, I took it. Everytime I walked past subsequently, they would have something new to show me, and my pile of stuff kept getting bigger and bigger...

First the patterns, all 31 of them
Kids and Men:

Nightwear and Robes:

and more dresses:
Including these, with some pretty interesting shaping techniques:And this gorgeous maternity dress, with pleats for roominess, and pockets! It's a shame I'm gonna need to wait a while before I can wear it.

My name is Hannah, and I have a storage problem. I really need an alternative.

I also got quite a few skeins of tapestry wool and embroidery thread, most interesting (for me) is the silk; it is deliciously soft.
I have no idea why I manage to keep acquiring tapestry wool; I don't have any plans to pick it up in the future. Also, a couple of little balls of wool, and some dp knitting needles.

The ladies also kndly gave me a bag containing 2 doilies, an embroidered hanky, and a little crocheted bag which I will use when carrying around small projects.

I have been experimenting with the yarn I plyed, and when doubled it is roughly equal to a worsted weight, or at least according to my swatching. I rolled it into centre pull balls using two 20mm knitting needles as a nostepinne, and there have been significantly fewwer knots and tangles than when I have done it using my thumb to keep the centre hole.
I have been meaning to give candle making a try, so when I saw this at a garage sale I bought it. I am not sure if wax has a used by date when it gets a harder to use, but I am probably going to make some personalised christmas presents. Maybe a set of candles spelling out somebody's name. I really don't need any more candles (I have heaps), and some seem to aggravate me throat. The pink fabric for my smocked skirt has been washed, so I will (hopefully) pleat up a swatch of my intended pattern and see how is stretches and stuff. I am not sure if a swatch is what it is called in smocking, or even if people do them. Most of the people I know use patterns for their smocking.

My friend kindly gifted me Stitch and Bitch Nation for my birthday, and I really like the Candystripers purse. It seems very practical. Along this thought, I have ordered some raw fleece from here to experiment with, with some Romney intended for this purse. Spinning is already proving useful, as the yarn used in that pattern isn't widely available down here, but that isn't going to stop me from making it.

Clare's overalls are also back in my posession, with the only alteration needed being a lengthening of the straps. Phew!

Also, the pink smiley animal dress in some of the pics above is my apron/wrap dress.
It is really comfortable, and I got quite a few compliments on it, though they may have been directed at my fuzzy angora sweater.

Next time, hopefully I will have better pictures of the details, with my shoulders actually straight (which is why the neckline looks lopsided) and my Pj pants not on. Hopefully.


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