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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Today I wanted to start plying the two bobbins-full that I spun last night while watching House. However, first I needed to get a Lazy Kate. Instead of using a shoe box (I didn't have any around) I decided to use the box I kept my drop spindling supplies inand best of all, the bobbins fit into it really wellI don't know how to use a powerdrill, so intead I used a screw, screwing it in to make the hole and then screwing it backout again.

First it bought me my tea cups, then held my drop spindles, now a Lazy Kate. The box that keeps on giving.

That done, I plied what I had spun last night. The first bobbin full I did, I was plying totally wrong. I was rotating the wheel clockwise still instead of anti-clockwise.

While I was slinging it on teh washing line to dry, I remembered that little detail. Even though my second bobbin is contains my earlier (and slubbier) spins, I like it so much better. I also got to use my Niddy-Noddy for the first time. The instructions that came with it were brief, but I worked it out through the picture. I think:
I wanted to practice dying, so I broke out my Pu-Erh (red tea), mixing two tablespoons of it with a small saucepan of boiling water.
I let it stew to this colour, before putting my first craptastically plied in, and simmering it for 20 minutes.
The only vinegar I could find was Balsamic, and I didn't think mum would be impressed if I used that. Instead, there are a few liberal dashes of lime juice as a substitute.

I haven't tested its colour fastness yet, but this shows the strength of colour: Even though the one on the right is really uneven, I love it. I find it looks so juicy, and is really nice and squishy. I think getting the spinning wheel working at this time is really good; yesterday my wrist was in a lot of pain, but today I was able to do some crocheting without having to stop because it hurt so much. I think I need to get one of those hand supporter glove things. It wouldn't be cool to have RSI before I turn 20 (or 18)

I am working on the hat from the Seija set in The Happy Hooker for my hairdresser, who is pregnant. It is worked in two strands of micropsun (yellow and blue), and this was done in a couple of hours. I wasn't able to get to the sewing machine today,a s there is work being done on the house downstairs. I did give my wrap dress an iron though, and all that is needed now is for some final darts to be put on at the side of the bust.


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