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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Practice is boring....

I am practicing a few different hairpin lace stiches, and while it it good for TV work, I don't find it that engaging. Hopefully this will change when I do things more interesting than double stich, and double double stitch. I am making a bedspread, and as I finish strips I am planning to join them, to avoid overwhelming myself at the end. I have finished two so far, and joined them;
The yarn on the right is Red Heart soft, while another baby yarn is on the left. The Red Heart feels thicker, and looks it too, though not so much in this picture. It does have a nice sheen to it, however.

This is the bit I am currently working in. While the two in pink are just plain old double (the simplest stich in hairpin crochet), this one is a bit more interesting to work, even if it is just working two doubles in, and around, the same loop. I think it looks cooler too. The strips are about 220 stitches, but I haven't got an accurate count yet; they keep moving about when I am trying to count.

My bobbins for my spinning wheel are off with Clare to be painted for a b-day present (receiver of the dungarees, which fit perfectly except a minor alteration yipee!). I managed to almost finish plying a thin thread that I had, and although there is a little left on the cone, I now have two quite hefty skeins of more usable yarn. With them is a Docter Who figurine given to me by Clare. He's fighting them off admirably.
To give you an idea of thickness, this is the plyed thread with the Lian Brand baby. It is I guess a light Baby weight.

This is the fabirc and thread I am using for the smocked skirt, and all I need to do is wash the pink, and swatch my planned stiches to see how it stretches before starting. I have never done more than little samplers in smocking, so I am assuming that this is how you design stuff. Factoring in negative ease like in knitting, embroidery stitches, and sewing it all together. A good melding of craft techniques.

I am using blue and green and white to smock with, though the white isn't pictured.

Erin also gave me this pattern for my b-day, which I am happy with. I am not going to be making it aimmediately though, as I will need to do a hunt for the right materials, and build up my courage. I read the instructions, and it all seems very complicated. It looks lovely though. I am not sure what I would do with it ehn I was done though? Maybe gift it back to Erin


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