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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


There has been a bit of drama at home lately. On the weekend it was my B-Day, which wasn't really all that dramatic. The dramatic part comes from one of our cats;Don. Neither are really well, but when we took Don to the vet he was diagnosed with liver failure in the fatal stage. He was given a shot of steriods to give him some more energy, and a nutrient gel to help him stay healthy. He is almost 18 (older than I am) and we knew that he wasn't going to live forever, but hearing it from the dispassionate mouth of the vet was pretty upsetting. It has been a few years since I was able to leave the vets office with dry eyes.

This weekend I bought some food-dyes to experiment with dyeing, and I have learnt a bit since them. My first lot of dyeing was with a mix of blue and cochneal, which shows up OK.
WHy is it that nobody mentions the smell? The scent of vinegar and wet sheep still hangs around in the nooks of the kitchen, and both cats were very distressed ;).

Next I tried to make a hot pink for a gift for a friends B-Day. I added significantly more dye this time, adn the result is a much stronger colour. I really like how the colour is not consistent, and varies from stong pink to a much softer tone.

I was planning on plying this with thread, threaded with pink beads and buttons, but I discovered (after I had threaded) that my buttons wouldn't fit though the orifice hole. A bit of a bummer, but it didn't take too long to re thread.I am happy with the result, even if it is a little bare. One skein is done, and I just need to do two more. I found working with the thread a little stressful, as if I looked away for a moment it was liable to tangle. Grrrr...
I have also nearly finished Erin's scarf, effectively 6 balls of it. I am considering giving felting a go.


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