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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Time Passes...

It has been a really hectic couple of days. I came home from the gym on Wednesday, to find that my beautiful cat Pluto had had another stroke, and could only walk in anti-clockwise circles. She was really distressed, and I spent a lot of the night up with her, as whenever she wasnted to move her legs couldn't support her, so she would cry and get all distressed again. Eventually I had to just put her on the floor next to my bed to get some sleep, and she did relax a bit after that.

All that needed to be done to Claire's dungarees was sewing the buttons on at the hips, which I did with snaps actually doing the closure, and a button on top. It really took me all day to sew them on, as it was disgustingly hot and sticky, and I had just done some accidental felting (see below). They got done eventually though, and when I gave them too her she loved them. When I expressed my concern about the fit, she told me she would loose or gain whatever, which makes me feel good. Hopefully she wasn't serious through.

I finished off the yarn for Rach's birthday, plying it with beads and skeining it. She seemed to like it, which makes me glad. It did reek a bit of vineger, so I will need to experiment with reducing the amount I put in. There is a positive though; when I washed it no colouring came out.

I also tried fulling with Erin's scarf, and worked out after the attempt that most of the wool was superwash. I probably should have checked, but I am still gifting it too her- I doubt that she will really notice. Unfortunately, I had some unfortunately successful fulling. I was planning on handwashing my first handmade sweater (Frou Frou), but the sink was full of painting stuff. The yarn label said that it was machine washable under 30 degrees C, do I put it in a cold wash, turned spin off, and used woolwash. When it came out though, it was totally felted; even the openwork edging was solid. I was pretty shattered, and am still disappointed. Mum is keen to try and see if Fullers Earth can reduce a bit of the shrinking, which would be excellent, but I am not going in to it hopeful. Maybe this is a lesson, that 100% wool jumpers aren't good for Australia.

Today I bought a hairpin for hairpin lace, and have been working at that a bit. I also found a ball of Red Heart Soft Baby, and boy is this stuff cheap! Huge as well. I am looking forward to going to the US at the end of the year to stock up on craft supplies; everything seems so much cheaper.

Those finds were probably the only good thing about my trip to Spotlight. I wanted to get some garter clips, but they had none in stock. Understandable perhaps, as not so many people wear stockings, but I got a bit ticked off when I was tartly informed by one of the Shop Assistants that Batiste was a winter fabric, and that they would not have any in stock, even though it was advertised in their catalogue. The general dissaray of the entire store always brings me down, and I absolutely hate shopping there. Unfortunately, my budget will not allow me to shop at somewhere like Tessuti and the closest Lincraft is about 45 mins drive away. Blah!

In the end I got some hot pink Lawn for a smocked skirt, and a cream lawn for a blouse. Hopefully there will be progress there soon.

Today I started to ply a yarn I have had for ages. It is really fine cotton that I bought in a big bag from markets (for a different yarn) and is red and white. I have an entire cone of it, and there is really nothing I can think of making in christmas colours. It looks much better to use at twice the thickness, but I may got 4X which will bring it to about a 4 ply weight (fingering).


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