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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


A couple of days ago I sent my Spinning Wheel off to here to get repaired, and I went to pick it up today.

Jenny was really lovely to deal with, and sat me down for 20 minutes to show me how to use the wheel, and what all the different parts were. She was talking about how it was made of New Zealand Silver Beech, and I asked her if that meant it was made in New Zealand, and it turns out that my mystery feebie wheel is an Ashford Traditional. Schweet.

I also bought 300g of white carded Merino that will probably be written off, and my Dad bought me 1kg. That Kilo, the wheel repairs ($10), an Ashford Niddy Noddy, and two spare bobbins make up my birthday present for this year. Thanks mum and dad!

I talked with Jenny about buying some dye to make my white merino a little more interesting, and she suggested just experimenting with food dyes until I am sure that I like spinning enough to invest in proper dyes. I love it when people don't oversell on you. It's like investment for the future selling.This is a very blurry shot of what I have spun up so far. Not really ready for Fiber Fridays, but much faster than on my spindle.

More progress tomorrow I'd imagine.


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