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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Whittle and hook

Frances' gloves. DONE! (Pictures son)
Red Singlet top of doom:slight progress, my eyes hurt.
I am pretty ashamed that it has taken me so long to do a WIP update.

I jumped on the Panta Bandwagon, and it was a really quick project. Started sunday evening, cast off moday arvo. I was thinking of a way of joining a piece while binding off, without a three needle bind-off, and I think I may have come up with something.

Lay two edges that you want to join near each other, making sure that there are no twists.

Using the same size hook as needles, insert the hook as if to knit.
Then, with hook still in first stitch, insert it on to cast on loop closest to edge.
YO, and pull back through cast on edge. There should be two loops on hook at this point,one of which is still on needle. Remove stitch from needle, two loops on hook. Yo, pull through loops. Double Crochet (SC if you are in the US) completed.

Continue along the edge in this way, only, instead of doing a YO and pulling though the two loops as in the last stitch, three loops will already be on the hook. Slip the two last loops, through the loop closest to the hook.

When you have reached the end, simply break yarn and pull through the last loop on the hook. Weave in ends.
This is what the join looks like from the inside.
and outside
Though it has opened out today, and is now hardly visible.

And, an action shot:

My dad sanded down my spinning wheel, waxed it, and gave it a buffing. It looks really beautiful, and I didn't even notice the greyishness that the student estapol job gave it. Dad seemed pretty into his woodwork job, and I didn't think he would be thrilled to have me elbow in and do a bit. Instead, I made a WPI gauge thingo.

Using a length of dowel, I marked 1/2 inch away from end, then 1 inch, then another 1/2 inch, 1 inch and 1/2 inch. I did this a few times around the dowel. I then used my handy-dandy utility pen, and the saw on it, to break off a bit.

I then scoured around these measurements.It was pretty much then a process of whittling down the 1 inch sections.
At this point, my craft knife and I couldn't take any more whittling so the second section was abandoned. A good sand all over, and a wax finish, and I have a useful tool.
What got me started on this was finding out the WPI of yarns that I wanted to sub with my own handspun, specifically Brown Sheep Bulky, at 7 WPI.

I also got my smocking started, or at least the test piece.

The colours are really not representative of what it is in real life, it is more like halway between this and this. The white is outline stitch, it has a total length of 18 rows. I put about 40 cm through, and it has shrunk to under 10. It will expand a bit after I take the gathering rows out, but I am really hoping that I have enough.

The blue line on top are dots I put every cm, so I can get an accurate idea of how large I need to cut out my skirt.


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