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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

WIP dungarees, dragonflys, dresses

Yesterday I drafted up the pattern for my friends dungarees, using a short's pattern to get the croch curve right. These are most of the pattern pieces (not including the bib or straps, which were winged) with the back on the left and front on the right. Facings and pockets are placed at their appropriate location. The facings were probably the hardest part to work out, and in the end I messed up a bit and made them too low, and so I put some military style tabs that connect the back to the front waistband. A closure isn't sewn on yet, but I will probably do a snap closure with a button on top, so it looks like it buttons up like the rest.

When I was laying out the pieces I was so suprised by how little fabric it took up, so maybe their will be enough for a pair of shorts for me.

I used two squares of purple quilters homespun for lining the pockets, which I had already cut up for my sampler quilt. It didn't exactly mach any of the colours in the fabric, but it was close enough that I am not especially bothered by it.

Here is a pic of how they are going. The body is done, but I still need to attatch a closure to the tabs, hem the legs, and attach the other part of the suspenders at the shoulders. I am not sure if I will do that until after the receiver has tried them on. I am worried that they will be too small overall- she is littler than I am, and they are a squeeze on me, so they should fit, but this has been a drem project, so I am waiting for a huge hick-up. . On the left are the back pockets, which I still haven't attached.

I also finished the hat-and bootie set. In the past I have made booties in sc, bit it this set I used dc to match the bonnet. However, I still used the technique of slip stitching at the end of every row of the instep to shape, which I love.

The lace pattern on these is pretty, I call it dragonfly stitch, because to me the open part of the stitch looks like a dragonfly with the two sets of wings and tail.

I am also waiting for the hem of this wrap dress to drop. It uses the same drafting technique as the apron does, onlyinstead of the shoulder seams joining up with the two back sections, they join up with what is basically a duplicate of the front, only with different shaping- obviously. The structure is pretty similiar to Butterick B4790, or any other double- wrap dress. After I have hemmed it I will get an in-action pic; it looks much better on a person than it does on my hanger.

There was also more progress on my gloves. Yesterday I got to the point where I moved the stitches for the thumb onto a stitch marker, but I just couldn't be bothered to go up stairs and get it. I think my weary, achey wrists are getting to me.


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